Download Windows 10 ISO File Free Nov 2019 [32-64 Bit]

By | November 1, 2019

Windows 10 ISO Image Download from the official website Microsoft. If you are looking Windows 10 ISO Image then you are on right place because here we provide all information about windows 10 and about it. Here we share about features and installation process. If you are the new and not you have no information how to download windows and install it on system. There are many websit which provide the windows ISO image file download but these link not working anymore. Some of other website provide the offers to buy windows 10 in cheap price but that’s windows not working fine and when you install windows then you will get too may errors.

But in this article we posted about it download windows 10 ISO Image File free of cost and without any errors. As you know Microsoft Launch many windows like as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 as well as Microsoft Launch some other product like as Microsoft Office and other. But Here we provide only Windows 10 ISO File download and tell about how to download Windows 10 without any errors.

When you download Windows 10 ISO Image file then you can not install direct on your computer. So you need to burn that ISO File to CD Drive/USB and save it to your USB or CD Drive. Now you plugged in that system where you want install it. and then install windows 10 to your computer.

One of the best things which you need to know ISO file is have never virus its safe and clean. So you don’t purchase CD or USB to ISO file of windows. Just Download from official website of Microsoft you will get genuine windows 10 with 30 days free trial. That’s mean you can use all premium features for 30 days. After 30 days you can buy product key from microsoft and actiavte your windows.

Always remember one things not buy product keys in cheap rate from local site because they not give you genuine product key and some time these keys not working. But if you don’t pay anything then you can check windows 10 product key or use KMSPico windows activator software which give you the lifetime activation without any cost. You just need to follow some steps and its safe clean. KMSPico have no virus or Malware.

About Windows 10

Windows 10 one of the best Microsoft Product for your system. Windows 10 have lot’s of features. When you use windows 7 then you need to many type of antivirus to protact your system but on the other site if you have windows 10 then you no need any antivirus. Because windows 10 have own antivirus which call is Windows Defender.

If your windows is activate and your system up to date according the windows 10 then windows defender work well otherwise not. In the windows 10 Added some new features which is awesome and save your time. In windows 10 added a store application where you can download many type of Apps or software. This store application like as Play store you no need additional knowledge to run this appliction.

windows 10 iso file download

windows 10 iso file download

In windows 10 we really like one of the best settings which is very useful for others. When you connect your computer by internet and then you can provide hotspot connection to someone else without any type of errors in just one click.

Windows 10 have one other awesome features which is projecting screen. That’s mean you can cast your mobile screen on laptop without any software. In just one click and without any internet connection. This is very awesome features. You can play PUBG on your mobile and you can cast PUBG on laptop screen This is very cool !!!!!.

You can cast only some apps and phone screen like as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook also. But you can not cast original conetnt like as Netflix, Jio Cinema and Voot etc. Some like this windows 10 have lot’s of features but here we can not tell each and every features but if you want know any type of features then you can comment and then we’ll reply soon.

Install Windows 10 System Requirement

If you want install Windows 10 on your system then your system will be comfortable with windows 10 requirement. so you need to check your system and after that you can install windows 10 in your system.

  • 1 GHZ Processor or Upgrade version not low more 1 GHz.
  • 1 GB RAM for 32-Bit and 2 GB RAM for 64-Bit
  • Hard Disk Must be 32 GB and lager hard disk more then 32 GB storage.
  • Graphics Card comfortable with DirectX 9.
  • Display Must be 800*600 or larger display.

If your system comfertable above requirement then you can install windows 10 on your laptop and computer.

Windows 10 ISO Image File Download By Media Creation Tool

There are many type of way to download windows 10 ISO Image File on internet. Many of website provide windows 10 ISO file but not free. But if you buy these file and when you install to your system then you will get many of errors and you can not install this Windows your system. So here we provide the best method which is free and safe you can download windows 10 ISO Image file in just some click.

So friends if you download windows 10 ISO file first time then you need to follow some steps which i tell you below. and one of the best thing is that this ISO Image file is 100% clean and safe. So don’t worry about error and other things. Just follow below steps !!!!!

  • First of all download Media Creation Tool from official website of Microsoft Or you can visit this link and save it on you laptop.
  • After that open file location where you save Media Creation Tool and duble click on that file then you will show one page which is windows 10 setup and here you need to click on I Accept.
  • Now you will next page where you will two option one 1. Upgrade Now 2. Create Installation Media for another PC. Now click on second option Create Installation Media for Another PC and click on Next.
  • When you see next page then you will get three option like as Language, Edition and Architecture. In language option select a lanuage which you want like as English and your windows will be download in this language.
  • Next Option you will see Edition and in the edition you will get three option First is Windows 10, Second is Windows 10 Home Single Language and Third is Windows 10 N. But here we recommended select Windows 10 from edition.
  • Now comes on last opton which is Architecture where you see three option its depend on you which you want select. First is 32-bit (x86) second is 64-Bit (x64) and last one option is both. Here we recommended selection windows 64-Bit (x64) this is awesome. But you can selection according you.
  • After select the above option you click on check box and click on Next.
  • Now the next page will be open where you will see two option. First option is USB Flash Device and Second is ISO File which save in your laptop Storage. Now click on ISO File and chose the loaction where you want download it. And click on Next Botton.
  • Hurry !!!!!!! Your file will be downloading. It’s downloading time depend on your interent connection speed.
  • When ISO File Downloaded then you will see one page where you see option Finish and click on Finish.

Now you can take this ISO file in USB Drive where you can install it to another computer. You no need extract this file don nothing with this file just take it on your usb drive and install it on your computer. This method is very easy to safe to download windows 10 ISO Image File and enjoy new features of Windows 10.

Download Windows 10 ISO File Image With Third Party Tool

There are many tools available on internet which claim to download windows 10 ISO File directly. But some of tools show errors and not download windows but they download malware and virus. If you don’t Want virus then i suggest you above method but if you want download directly then you can use below method which i tell you just follow these steps.

  • First download windows 10 software from Heidoc website or Click on this Link Click Here.
  • Save it on your computer and Install it on your system.
  • Now Open this app and Chose Windows 10.
  • After this chose Language, Edition accoding your need and click on confirm.
  • When you confirm then you will see two option on next page one is Download Windows 10 32-Bit and Download Windows 10 64-Bit. Download windows according to your need. Which you want. i sugegst you if your system have  2 GB then you need to install 32 Bit Windows but if your system have more then 64 GB then you can install 64-bit windows on your system.
  • Now in next steps you need to chose location on your system where you want download Windows 10 ISO File and save it.
  • once you downloaded windows 10 ISO file then you can take this windows ISO File in USB or CD Drive.
  • Plugged this USB on that’s computer or laptop where you can install windows 10.

So this is very easy method to download windows 10 iso file to your computer. Once you download windows 10 then you install it any computer which is comfortable with windows 10. we already shared the windows 10 system requirement. You can read and follow them.

Windows 10 ISO File Image Download (Personal Method)

We above share the two method but here we share personal method which you use to download windows 10 in just one click. But its method safe or not i am not sure. this method work or not just try yourself and if its works for you than do comments and tell us. Just follow these simple steps and download it.

  • First of all open your system and connect internet to your system.
  • Now open google chrome and open Google.
  • Write in search bar ”index of windows 10 ISO file” and hit enter.
  • When you enter then you will see the many search results. You can open Numberic site like as 198.256.321./wp-conent/windows10 just like and clcik on it.
  • When you open site then you see only download link. Here you can check windows 10 file and clcik on it.
  • Hurry !!! Your windows 10 ISO File will be download.
  • save it on your system and install it on system where you want.

I think its very simple because in this method not download any software to download windows 10 in your system. Hope you like this method but on the other side i suggest you first method to download windows 10 on your system because its simple and safe . One of the most good things is that by first method you download windows 10 from official site.

Once you download windows 10 ISO file image on your system and then install it on your computer. One of the best things is that if you download from official website and install to your computer then Microsoft give the 30 days trial and that’s mean you can use premium features in windows 10 which is best for you.

After 30 day trial you can can not use premium freatures so after that you can not use premium feature and then you will see a watermark on your desktop to activate windows. If windows not activated then you will many problem like as Your system will be slow and not work properly. One of the bad disadvatage of is that your antivirus not be activated and your system not protact your sytem and your system harmful from bad files. You need to activate your windows.

So you can activated your windows 10 by windows 10 Product Keys and Windows 10 Activator. But don’t worry about it because i already posted many of windows 10 product keys and KMSPico Activator to activate windows 10. You need to read these article and activate your windows.

So friends in this article we read about the Download Windows 10 ISO File and it’s explain by three ways. First is Media Creation Tools and Second one is Third Pary tools and last one is personal which you can try it for shortcut. Hope you like this article if you have any type of question related this post then you can ask in comment. and you can tell me which method works for you to download windows 10 ISO file. Hope you enjoy this article and it’s help you. !!

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